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We're proud to have worked with established B2B engineering & tech companies providing various marketing solutions, ultimately increasing lead generation and brand reputation with modern & proven marketing tactics.


Monolith AI
Synera | Connect everything. Engineer anything.


Jousef is able to convey highly technical content in a matter that's both engaging and entertaining. That's one of the reasons why we like to work with him at SimScale!

David Heiny

CEO SimScale GmbH

Jousef is always highly determined to provide an amazing service. The expertise and guidance will push your company in the right direction. I can only recommend using his services - you won't be disappointed.

Rostyslav Lyulinetskyy

CEO dicehub

To be done.

Yann Debray

MATLAB Product Manager



What Makes APEX the Best Marketing Solution for You?

APEX provides you with optimized marketing strategies to upgrade your brand and get some serious brand recognition to succeed in a highly competitive landscape. From websites, social media automation & strategy, to high-quality product videos for LinkedIn, YouTube & more – we've done it all!


The Dream

Dream Outcome

Enhance your brand identity and become a leader in your niche by using proven marketing methods.

Your competitors' jaws will drop! πŸ˜‰


Time is Money

Time to Results

We want you to achieve your goals as fast as possible.

Short-term impact without losing vision for long-term goals!


Likelihood of Achievement

Achieve Your Goals

We're making sure that you achieve your goals and make this investment an absolute no-brainer for you.

We share marketing updates in our 1:1 syncs!


Time Effort

The Sacrifice

Most agencies take months to get where you want to be! Tedious.

We make sure that all systems are working to not only make you successful, but also free your time for more important tasks.

Real-World Experience

Everything Apex offers is based on previously tried and tested techniques with our clients.

Engineering & Tech Experts

Apex Agency has over 7+ years of engineering and marketing experience.

Hands-On Agency Service

Our marketing services employ the perfect blend of theory and efficient practices.

Full Accountability

We prioritize creating clear success critera, and being accountable for achieving your marketing goals.

Smooth Collaboration

You will have direct contact to the foundar and, if desired, team member working on your project.

First Rate Customer Service

.Our niche technical agency bring you to the next level. We give 110% to our clients. We might not be perfect, but we’re pretty darn close.


Tech Services & Solutions

Level up your technical and engineering marketing with services and solutions particularly derived from successful real-world use cases.

Notion for Business

Master Notion to get more out of your business & life with sustainable systems.

Free if you are a customer! Coming soon.

Product Marketing

We help supporting your go-to-market tactics, content creation, and data-driven storytelling process.Β 

Web Design

We completely design a website for you that separates you from your competitors.

With your goals and wishes in mind!


Don't start from scratch! Save your precious time and let us implement systems in your business to 10x your marketing output.

Your Competitors Are Already Reaping The Benefits

Save valuable time so you can focus on the most important things for your business. Let us take care of the rest and improve your product visibility, brand recognition, and quality lead generation!

Instead of spending invaluable time testing different marketing tactics and wasting resources, rely on Apex Agency- a team that is very familiar with this struggle, and knows what works for engineering and tech companies alike.


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